The Rose Stone

An audio book about addiction, abortion, suicide and God.

As a young girl, Rosie and her Grandfather visited a beach in South Haven, Michigan. She found a small stone that her Grandfather named after her, the Rose Stone. Keeping this stone with her as an adult, it reminds her of happier times and somehow gives her strength in her darkest moments.

Rosie, as a young woman, has moved far away from her broken family to pursue her career. But addiction and an unwanted pregnancy has shattered her dreams. Haunted now by thoughts of suicide, can a god she doesn’t believe in rescue her? Can a simple stone be used to save two lives?

The Rose Stone is an emotional journey that will take you full circle. A journey from pain and despair to love, hope and restoration. This is a fictional story but it’s a story that so often is real in many of our own lives. You may find yourself connecting with some of the characters as if you knew them, as if they were a part of your life already. You may even need to remind yourself that this really is a fictional story. Ultimately we hope The Rose Stone will be a reminder that where there is love, there is hope.

Ralph Nelson Willett - April 15, 2016

The Rose Stone - Episode 4

The Rose Stone

From Series: "The Rose Stone"

A small stone links a young woman to the memory of her grandfather. Distancing herself from her family she spirals downward emotionally, where addiction and thoughts of suicide not only threaten her life but also the life of her unborn baby. Can God use this small stone to rescue them both?

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