Before the elections, the common mantra was “Vote, vote, vote!” Now that the count has been taken and a winner has been declared, we have a tendency to say, “Whew, glad that’s over!” and move on. Many on Facebook have stated that they are ready to get back to life as normal. But life as normal is what has gotten us to this point. What we do now is every bit as important as what we did in preparation for last Tuesday – if not more so.

My fear (for all of us) is that we will think that since the election is over, it’s all back in the hands of the government and now we just move on ahead with life as before. “We’ve elected someone, now it’s their job to make America great again! They may destroy us or make life great, but my job is over.”

But, there are some important actions we need to take immediately and consistently if we are true citizens of this great country:

First – we need to take a spiritual inventory. As I have begun to reflect, I have realized that our nation is sick. This is not some all-is-lost doomsday message. This is a serious reality. There is DEEP division. There is prolific hatred. There is a serious sense of disorder and lack of common vision. We have lost our moral grounding and our sense of who we are as a nation. I found this call to prayer which sums it up well. It is called a prayer for election day, but it is a prayer pattern that is relevant to the times. We need to repent and pray diligently for God’s healing touch on our nation.

Second – we need to re-introduce love. There has been so much hatred poured into the water over the last several months that I think our national spirit has been wounded and poisoned. The enemy would love to convince us that we are wounded because of those people, that president or this political persuasion. We are wounded because we have allowed those things to cause us to judge, despise, divide and hate one another. We are brothers and sisters. We must lead our world in the way of love. We must set disagreements aside because it is more important to love than to be (or believe we are) right.

Third – respond to the results in faith. As I stated in my e-mail from last week. If your candidate was not Mr. Trump, do not despair. All is not lost even if the media preaches that message and all the memes on Facebook prophesied so. God is able to deliver us from any situation and He is on a throne far above any power on this planet.

If your choice was Mr. Trump, don’t think for a moment that some kind of victory has been won. All he won was an election. This country is in need of a revolution and putting a certain person in the Oval Office will not precipitate a national revival. Now is the time for all of us to get to work, making America great from right here in our own neighborhood by saturating this community with the life of Christ.

No matter how we feel about the outcome, we must pray for President-elect Donald Trump, for our nation and for all in authority and leadership. No man or woman can lead a nation correctly without God. Whether you like him or not; whether you feel our nation has made a mistake or not, whether you support his statements, actions or policies, please now support him in prayer. With God’s help, America can be great again.

PS. Tomorrow is Veterans Day. Be sure to thank a veteran for laying down his/her life and making huge sacrifices on behalf of us all. If you are a veteran, know that your pastor honors you and says, “Thank You!”