Have you recently said “Yes!” to accepting Jesus? If so, no doubt you’ve noticed a number of changes taking place in your life.

Your first years as a Christian are an exhilarating time. You have a new heart and a new mind, and the Spirit of the living God lives in you. You hunger for truth, crave righteousness, and long for connecting with other believers. You’ve got a new vocabulary and you’re starting to rethink your approach to old habits, hangouts, pastimes, and friends. You deeply desire the salvation of lost friends and loved ones. You’re becoming exactly the kind of person God wants to use for His glory—purpose-filled, holy and effective.

As a new Christian, God has granted you an amazing inheritance, a treasure you can take advantage of right now. The spiritual resources of heaven are at your disposal as you carry out your new commission as an ambassador of Jesus Christ. Here’s how we’d like to help…

If you’re a new Christian, we’d like to send you a “Yes!” Packet if you haven’t received one yet. This packet contains a few different items including:

  • Purple Book
    “The Purple Book is a twelve-part Bible study keyed to the TNIV and designed to help new believers and longtime followers of Jesus stand firm and grow strong in the Christian life.”
  • New Believers Bible
    This bible is the New Testament version only, but has notes in it that will help a new believer understand what is written and how to apply it to their life.
  • A “Yes!” Brochure.
    This brochure is simply a tool to help you understand what the decision you made actually means and how to move forward from here. 

We’ll send you this “Yes!” box, created with new believers in mind, free of charge. Simply email us at contact@webuildbridges.org

It’s our little way of saying, “Welcome to the family!”

  • First Step
  • Baptism
  • Get Connected
  • LifeGroup
No one should start a new journey to a new place without someone to walk alongside. The journey of faith is not for the faint of heart and surely is not something that comes “naturally”. Those who try to go it alone almost always find they have lost their way in a very short time. Maybe you’ve had that experience at some time in the past.

Even Jesus made it clear that we need one another – this isn’t just some isolated relationship between me and Him. We want to help you get connected with a traveling companion; someone who will encourage you, pray for you, and help you find the sign posts along the way to a deep and satisfying faith experience. We all need someone, a mentor, who has been down this road to help us find our way to the good stuff.

If you are a new believer and do not have this kind of person in your life, please email us at contact@webuildbridges.org.

Jesus asks all of His followers to take a step of faith and go public about our relationship with Him. Baptism is a simple ceremony where we proclaim this faith and our dedication to Him. For many people, this expression of bold faith becomes a landmark moment in their lives and a doorway to a new and deeper experience with Jesus. If you’d like to know more about Baptism, click here. If you are ready to proclaim your faith through baptism, please email us at contact@webuildbridges.org.

The Church is not just an organization – it is a movement of people dedicated to the mission of Jesus. In the Church we find support and encouragement for one another, a place to belong, a place where we can grow in faith with others, and we find ways to get connected into the mission – to reach and renew a lost and broken world. Whatever you do, PLEASE find a church family to join.

At LifeBridge, we offer a four week series called NEXT. These four classes help you understand how we “do” church. In these classes you will learn where we came from, where we are going, our plan for getting there, and how you can jump in and get involved. You will discover more about yourself and how God has wired you. You will get a look at how we are structured and where you can play a vital role in the mission of LifeBridge. Lastly, we will teach you how to share your faith effectively. There are thousands of people here in our own community who still do not have a life-giving relationship with Jesus. We hope you will join this movement to do something about that.

We were designed to do life together. All of us crave relationships with people with whom we share common beliefs and values. We want to enjoy life with others who care about us and who we grow to care about as well. We believe Christ-centered community is where people come together to do life…and faith.

Our LifeGroups are designed to bring people together in a life-giving environment where people can learn and grow together. We have all kinds of LifeGroups for all kinds of people. Click here to go to our LifeGroups page where you can “shop” for a group that meets your needs. You can also email us at LifeGroups@webuildbridges.org and someone will contact you.