Unless the Lord builds the house, it’s builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain. Psalm 127:1

We don’t believe for a minute that we have anything to offer to an Almighty, Holy God…except ourselves. For some crazy reason, God has chosen to use imperfect, foolish people to build His kingdom. We can’t save anyone. We can’t build a church. We can’t bring about life change. But, we can make ourselves available to be used by God to do amazing things.

We believe God is doing amazing things and that God has a brilliant plan to reach hundreds if not thousands of people through LifeBridge Church. We are diligently seeking God, to partner with Him, and seeking His will in our efforts to continue His work in this life-giving ministry in South Haven. And we’re inviting other Christ-followers to join with us.

Anyone with true faith in God may join us for an awesome Eight O’clock Encounter.  You may attend another church here in the South Haven area or maybe you’ve never even been here. That’s fine! Everyone is welcome to join us an hour of intense prayer, powerful worship, and an important time of seeking God.

We can’t do this without Him. Hope to see you there.

Saturday, 8 a.m. at The Main Gathering at LifeBridge Church, 10420 M-140 Hwy, South Haven