Dear Lifers,

You crown the year with your bounty…   Psalm 65:11

As 2019 quickly approaches, my hope is that you will continue to look to God for His provision for the coming year. As I think back to years past, I remember looking ahead and thinking, “2010 will never come. And if it does, I can’t imagine what life will be like.” Of course 2010 did come and go. So has 2011 and 2012 and…God continues to sustain us. We’ve had good years and we’ve had…more difficult years. But God has always taken care of us. As Jesus promised, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” His promise has held true. 

As we prepare ourselves for 2019, I pray you will be pleasantly surprised at God’s goodness. I hope this year is a year of fresh revelation and new insights. I pray God will reveal Himself to you in ways you never imagined and that you will experience more of God’s presence in your life than ever before. I pray for provision and increase of peace and joy in your life and family.

Do I wish and pray these things just because I am a pastor and that’s the kind of spiritual things a pastor should wish for? Well, no. It’s because I know the fullness of life flows from the presence of God. “Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father…(James 1:17)” and I want you to experience the rich and satisfying life that can be found only as we remain united with Him (John 15:5). So, blessings for a rich and satisfying 2019 and to Jesus be praise for His amazing grace!!

Now check out these other LifeBridge opportunities:

Eight O’ Clock Encounter: Leonard Ravenhill said, “No man is greater than his prayer life.” Wow, that explains a lot. No, seriously, our connection to God is very connected to our success as a human being. We must remain in the vine to receive His life. I believe the same is true of a church. If God’s people gather to “do” all kinds of things, but don’t gather to “seek” His presence and connect to His life…then we have missed the only truly important thing. Join us Saturday mornings at 8:00 to seek Him together.

This Sunday: I heard a quote recently, “in this culture it seems easy for people to fall in love, but almost impossible to stay in love.” Sound true? And this isn’t even just about romantic love. The scriptures teach us to love one another deeply, from the heart. What does that even mean and how do we practice it. Join us this Sunday as we study from I Peter 1. You can even read that chapter in preparation for the message if you choose. Bring someone who could use a little relational tune up. (Umm, that’s all of us.) 8:30 / 10:00 / 11:30am.

Year End Giving: This is a perfect time to make an investment in the ministry of LifeBridge Church. Any contributions made before midnight on December 31 (in house or online) will be receipted as a tax-deductible donation for your 2018 taxes. To make a quick and simple donation now, click here to give online, or download our app (Search LBC SoHa in the app store). (We provide a receipt to anyone donating $250 or more over the calendar year.) 

Teen Lock-in: Calling all 6th-12th graders! LifeBridge Youth is partnering with Hope Church and Truth Skate Church to bring you an epic Lock In on Friday, January 4th. Cost is $15 and will include games, bowling, pizza, and much more! Drop off @ 9pm & pick up @ 7am at Hope Church. We hope to see you and your friends there! Click here for more details.

REMINDER: LifeBridge Church offices will be closed through January 1st, reopening January 2nd at 9am. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

LOST & (WAITING TO BE) FOUND @ LifeBridge: We are finding lots of miscellaneous things — shoes, coats, mittens, hats AND sunglasses, eye glasses, keys, bibles AND jewelry. Please check the totes in the coat area for found things that you are missing. If you are missing glasses, keys, bibles or jewelry, please ask at the Information table in the lobby. Items left more than 4 weeks will be taken to The Rescue Mission Thrift Store. You can pick them up there for a small fee.

Beyond our walls:

Crossing Over to 2019 in Power: Noah Semitimba and friends will be hosting a series of prayer, worship and ministry services at LifeBridge Church at 9pm on Monday (12/31), and at 6pm on Saturday (1/5) and Sunday (1/6). Please click here for more information. Please note, there will be no childcare provided and children cannot be left unattended.