Good afternoon Lifers,

Three or four times a year we invite people to take their NEXT step at LifeBridge and consider being part of the team. We get the question often: What’s the difference between being a member and a partner? Why doesn’t LifeBridge do membership like most other churches?

Well, membership usually means your name is officially on the roll of a certain group; you are on a list. PARTnership means you are PART of a team. We are in this together and all of us are working together to accomplish the mission. Partnership is a commitment to four areas: To protect the unity of our church, to share the responsibilities of our church, to serve the ministry of our church and to support the testimony of our church. I have attached a copy of the Partnership Agreement in case you have never been a Partner, or just haven’t looked at the Partnership Agreement in a while. (There are descriptions of each of the four areas there.) When your name is simply on a list, the victories seem like something you celebrate for those who represent you. When you are on a team and in the game, you celebrate the victories in a whole new way.

I am so honored to welcome our newest Partners from this latest NEXT Class: Nate and Alicia Hutchins, Keith Sayre Jr., Colleen McIntyre, Trixie McManus, Charles Rivard, Panfilo Hernandez, Tony and Marie Staggs, and Becky Steiner. If you have them on Facebook or see them around, make sure you let them know how happy we are to have them on the team.

Now, take a look below to see some of the life-giving things happening at LifeBridge:

Eight O’ Clock Encounter: As a church, our very first meeting was prayer. Every week we gather to make prayer a priority as we seek God’s power and His presence among us. No one has to pray out loud and people are free to stay as long as they like. This is a powerful time for us as individuals and as a church body. I hope you will give it a try if you have not already. Saturdays, 8am at the church.

SERVE SoHa: Part of being truly missional is seeing with missional eyes. It takes focus to slow down and see the needs around us. We are asking you, Lifers, to use your eyes to help us find and see the needs in our community. We are in the process of organizing projects for SERVE SoHa right now. Take a look around. See the needs you see. Share them with us. Please contact the GO Team if you have any project ideas.

Memory Lane Concert: Do you know or have you lost someone you love to Alzheimer of dementia? It is so hard to watch a loved one lose touch with reality. It feels so hopeless sometimes. There is no cure right now, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing we can do. The Warrior Club LifeGroup invites you to join us in raising awareness and support for local Alzheimer and dementia patients and their families. Plan to join us for the free concert on Saturday, August 24th! Get details about this great project at

NEXT Class: We always say, LifeBridge is not a Sunday morning show. It is a spiritual family, a community of people dedicated to Jesus and His mission. So, what does that mean beyond the Sunday morning worship experiences? This Sunday is Engage 3.0. We will explain how our ministry/serving teams work and how you can get in the game. Let us know if you need childcare and we will try to help with that. Click here for an overview of the four classes. Please contact Pastor Milan and let us know if you are interested in attending so we can make sure to keep you in the loop.

Noah’s Back: “This weekend Pastor Noah Sematimba of Breakthrough Miracle Life Ministries will be in town. He will be leading an evening service here at LifeBridge on both Saturday and Sunday, August 17th and 18th, at 6:30pm. Come join us for a great time of pressing into the Lord’s presence and expect a mighty move of God!”

DIAPER DRIVE! Let’s show our support for our local mission partner, Hope Parent Resource Center. As you may know, this not-for-profit organization partners with young parents to provide education, counseling and real-life support in the form of baby supplies including diapers. Throughout the month of August, the GO team will be collecting NEWBORN DIAPERS for Hope Parent Resource Center. There will be a display area in the lobby to place those donations. We are grateful for the generosity this church has shown on the past and we thank you in advance for your help.

Across our Bridges: 

Free Sale 2019: Are you, or someone you know, in need of clothes (especially with the upcoming school year) or housewares? There is a FREE Sale (yes, FREE!) open to the public on Saturday, August 24th at Hope Reformed Church. This is a really great annual event that helps so many people in our community. You may donate items on Friday August 23 from 7am-7pm and shop on Saturday August 24 from 7am-7pm at Hope Reformed Church (1365 Monroe Blvd. SH). To volunteer or ask questions, call Jill Newton at 269-214-0103.