Dear Lifers,

This Sunday the Elders are hosting our annual Summer Baptism event. Baptisms are exciting here at LifeBridge because each one represents a life that is being transformed by the power of God. Each life touches a family, a workplace, a circle of friends and ultimately is another light shining in our community for what is good and right and true. Each baptism is a reminder that Jesus is still in the business of loving people to new life.

Our summer baptism is extra special because it allows us to baptize people outside in a beautiful setting, followed by a huge potluck dinner, games, swimming and lots of fellowship. We want you to be able to join us so here are the details to keep in mind as you prepare to participate with us this Sunday:

  • Time/location Details: The baptism event will be held from 4:00-7:00pm this Sunday, July 28th at the Lake Arvesta property east of South Haven (67066 8th Ave.). We have been asked to use their 8th Ave. entrance. To get there, going east from South Haven on Phoenix Rd, turn right (south) onto 68th St. Go to 8th Ave. and turn left (east) onto 8th. Look for the LifeBridge signs and turn left into the property. You may arrive any time after 3:00pm.
  • Baptism participants: If you are planning to be baptized, please be at the Lake Arvesta beach by 3:30. We will meet and go through the details of the baptism to make sure everyone feels prepared. We will provide a t-shirt for you to wear.
  • Baptism spectators: As you arrive to the beach area, please park your vehicle along the circle drive and walk out to the peninsula. If you are handicapped, please drive out to the peninsula. We will have parking for you there. If you have food, stop and deliver that under the large tent, then come and find a place to set up on the beach. We plan to start the service at about 4:15
  • Potluck meal: LifeBridge will be providing hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks and table ware (plates, cups, plasticware, etc.). We are asking you to bring a side dish (chips, fruit, salad or desert) to share. There will be limited electric so please don’t plan on using a powered heating or cooling source to preserve your dish. Make sure your name is on any dish or equipment you bring.
  • What to bring: There will be some picnic tables, but unlikely enough for everyone. Please bring chairs for your family. You may also bring a yard game to share (cornhole, hillbilly golf, etc.) Be sure to label whatever you bring so we can return anything that has been left.
  • Swimming: Swimming will be available from 5:00-6:30pm. If you have kids who will be swimming, please PLAN TO SUPERVISE THEM FOR THEIR SAFETY. The beach at Lake Arvesta will provide a good swimming area, but there are limited water toys, inflatables or lifejackets. Please bring any toys or safety devices your children may want/need to use.
  • Questionable Weather: If there is a strong chance of rain, we will hold the baptism at the beach as planned, but move the potluck meal to the red building elsewhere on the property. We do not plan to cancel any of our plans unless there is lighting. If it looks like rain, keep your food in the car. We will give instructions for moving when everyone is together.

Now, take a look below to see some of the life-giving things happening at LifeBridge:

Battle Ready Message Series: Get ready for the battles of life – God’s way! Join us this Sunday as we conclude our study of Ephesians 6:10-19 and train to engage in Powerful Prayer. Click here if you have missed a past message and want to catch up. See you Sunday?

Eight O’ Clock Encounter: As a church, our very first meeting was prayer. Every week we gather to make prayer a priority as we seek God’s power and His presence among us. No one has to pray out loud and people are free to stay as long as they like. This is a powerful time for us as individuals and as a church body. I hope you will give it a try if you have not already. Saturdays, 8am at the church.

NEXT Class: We always say, LifeBridge is not a Sunday morning show. It is a gowing movement, a community of people dedicated to Jesus and His mission. So, what does that mean beyond the Sunday morning worship experiences? For four Sundays starting August 4th, we want to share our vision with you so you can get in on the action. Come and learn where we came from, where we are going and how you can get in on the action. We meet at the church after third service and will provide lunch. Let us know if you need childcare and we will try to help with that. Click here for an overview of the four classes. Please reply to this e-mail and let us know if you are interested in attending so we can make sure to keep you in the loop.

CASE FOR CHRIST LifeGroup: Is there really a case for the person of Jesus and this whole Christianity thing, or is it just a great fable? The Case for Christ study is a 6-week DVD driven series showing Lee Strobel’s attempt (he was then an athiest) to determine if there is credible evidence that Jesus of Nazareth is really God. Each lesson looks at Jesus’ divinity and urges readers to reach a verdict on their own. We’ll be meeting during 2nd service (10:00-11:40 am) in the new part of the building, starting Sunday July 28 and ending Sunday September 1. Click here for an overview.

DIAPER DRIVE!: It’s that time of year again to show our support for our local mission partner Hope Parent Resource Center. As you may know, this not-for-profit organization partners with young parents to provide education, counseling and real-life support in the form of baby supplies including diapers. Throughout the month of August, the GO team will be collecting NEWBORN DIAPERS for Hope Parent Resource Center. There will be a display area in the lobby to place those donations. We are grateful for the generosity this church has shown on the past and we thank you in advance for your help.

Across our Bridges:

Worship On The Riverwalk: For the third year in a row, Hope Church is hosting a Christian Worship/Music series on the riverwalk down by the city marina. It’s a free worship concert that can be enjoyed by all. We see this as an opportunity for the body of Christ across all the churches to join and worship together. The experience begins at 7pm on Sundays the 14th, 21st and 28th of July. Check it out here.

Casco’s Ultimate Mud Challenge: This event has just been getting bigger and bigger. If you like action and/or a physical challenge, consider checking out the event hosted by local churches at Lake Arvesta on August 3rd. Their mission is to raise money to support ministries that support others. You can join as a participant in one of their mud challenges or you can be a volunteer to help run the event. Or maybe you just want to watch this year to decide how you might jump in next year. For all the info you need click here to go to their website.