Dear Lifers,

Wow, what a great day last Sunday! I want to especially thank David Tumusiime and the worship team, choir and tech. It is a huge day to pull off, but David and his team really knocked it out of the park. The worship time was lively and powerful. Our worship team really helped us honor the Risen King!

Of course Guest Services and the parking team served the masses well and helped everyone have a great time. And our kids enjoyed a bottomless pile of pancakes in Bridge Kids. It was a great team effort and I believe our Savior was honored well. Thanks to everyone who leaned in to make it the best possible experience for our guests. And if you were a first-time guest, welcome. We hope you had a great time and more importantly that you had an encounter with the living God. We also hope to see you again soon.

Hey, this week we are going to return to the ordinary HERO series for two more weeks. Jesus is just the kind of HERO that needs to be celebrated a little more. J The Lord has given me two more messages that I am excited to share with you. So bring a friend and come back as we Flip The Script this week and go To The Batcave next week. Our service times every week are 8:30, 10:00 and 11:30am.

Take a look below to see more great things happening that we don’t want you to miss.

Eight O’ Clock Encounter: Above, I talked about our part in people meeting Jesus. We do our best to introduce them…but the Holy Spirit is the one who REVEALS Jesus to each person’s heart. It’s a team sport and we have to spend time with the coach. Join with us at 8am on Saturday mornings for a powerful huddle with God. No judgment, no obligation to pray out loud, no pressure. Just an amazing time seeking God together.  

Baptism: We are gearing up for another baptism. We are always exxited to share this step of faith with those whose lives are being transformed. Set this Sunday, April 28th on your calendar for another celebration of changed lives. If you have questions about baptism, or if you are ready to be baptized, click here or reply to this e-mail. We would love to be part of your spiritual journey.

NEW – Starting Point Class: Every Sunday we have people attending LifeBridge who are still skeptical, confused or maybe just unsure of this whole Christianity thing. First of all, know that you are always welcome at LifeBridge. We are committed to providing a space where you are safe to explore this whole thing without feeling pressure to be something you’re not. But we also want to provide helpful places to have your questions answered and to discover what following Jesus is REALLY all about. On Sunday May 5th, we will launch a new environment designed to be just such a space. If you have questions. If you are trying to figure this whole thing out. Or if you know someone in that place, check out Starting Point – Presented by Pastor Rod during our 10:00 service on Sunday mornings. If you are interested or want more info, please reply to this e-mail and someone will contact you.

Exciting GO Team changes ahead! If you are looking for opportunities to see and BE the hands and feet of God at work in your community and in far away places then you will want to stay tuned for news of some upcoming mission-focused special events.  We are undergoing some team reconstruction and want to acknowledge the vision and leadership of the founder of team, Jen Hendricksen.  She has poured her passion into creating a team to serve people in need.   It is time for her to take a rest and pass the torch to others.  More information will be coming shortly about upcoming projects locally and abroad.  If you need to contact the GO Team please use the email or call the church office.

Mother’s Day: Mother’s Day is always a highlight at LifeBridge where we take time to honor our moms and bless them for the blessing and gift they are to us. Each woman will get a gift to take home and a photo opportunity will help moms capture the experience with a family picture. Of course there will be other special touches and we won’t forget to honor God as well – after all, He gave us moms.. Mother’s Day is May 12. We hope you will invite a woman or mom who needs to be honored. 8:30, 10:00 and 11:30am.

“Farewell David” Open House: They say all good things must come to an end. As you all know, our beloved Bridge Kids Director, David George will be moving on. For almost three years he and his wife Rachel have blessed us with their leadership and their passion for serving our kids and families here at LifeBridge. We wanted to give you all an opportunity to honor and bless them out the door. We are hosting a farewell open house style party on Sunday, May 5th from 3:00-5:00pm at the church. You may bring gifts or cards. We will serve light refreshments and cake.

Infinity Tour / Beacon Light Concert – Free: On May 22nd, our youth ministries will be hosting a concert at the church starting at 6:30pm. But it’s not just for teens. A year and a half ago Beacon Light came and inspired us with his music and his message. This year he will be joined by opening bands from the Infinity Music group. Click here to learn about Beacon and check out some of his music. Please help us get the word out. We want to pack this place.

Building Tour: Thanks to the MANY of you who have been giving to the Step In Campaign, making it possible for us to build the new road sign out front, patch the parking lot, landscape the front of the building and VERY SOON, open the new portion of the building fitted with fresh space for children / families and office space. It has come to my attention that many of you have lots of questions about the new building space that will be opening SOON!! These are exciting days and this Sunday, we will open the space and I, Pastor Milan, will give tours at 1:00pm. No need to sign up, just meet us out front.

Across our bridges: These are not outside our walls because we don’t believe in walls at LifeBridge. These are things happening across the bridges we are building.

National Day Of Prayer: I just wanted to take a minute to remind you that May 2 is National Day Of Prayer. The first Thursday in May is a national day of observance, first created in 1952 by a joint resolution of Congress, and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman. It is a privilege that we should appreciate and take advantage of. On May 2, we will gather with our brothers and sisters from other churches around our community in front of City Hall for a time of prayer together. Please put this on your calendars and plan to meet with us that day.

24:7 Dad: Hope Parent Resource Center is offering a new discussion group for dads interested in meeting with others to work on their fathering skills. Too much to describe here. Click here for more info on their Facebook page.