Dear Lifers,

One of our culture’s favorite ways to celebrate Christmas is movies. Each Christmas new movies come out with a Christmas theme. And many of them become classics we watch over and over. They help us connect with the season and it’s joyful and hopeful message. Well, last night I watched an Easter movie that was FANTASTIC! How many of you have seen The Case For Christ? You may not find it by searching “Favorite Easter Movies”, but you should.

The movie is the true-life story that chronicles the journey of Lee Strobel from Atheism to faith. As an up and coming reporter for the Chicago Tribune, Lee’s life was rocked when his wife met Jesus. Lee, an avowed atheist was so rattled by what happened that he decided the only way to get his wife and his life back on track was to be the guy who finally debunked Christianity once and for all. His plan didn’t go…as planned. As an intelligent reporter, his plan was to use historical facts to destroy the Christian faith. What he discovered was an overwhelming mountain of evidence that…well, I don’t want to spoil it for you

So, how is this an Easter movie? Early in the movie he consults a friend, “(If you wanted to destroy the Christian faith) Where would you start?” “Unless you want to do two years of seminary, I’d say go straight for the jugular. The entire Christian faith hinges on the resurrection of Jesus. If it didn’t happen, then it’s a house of cards.” Why is Easter such a big deal? Jesus died for you and me – because He loved us. But Jesus also was raised back to life – to give us unshakable hope that death does not have the final say. Lee’s life and millions of others have been changed by the message of the Gospel. Paul said, “I am not ashamed of the Gospel because it is the POWER OF GOD for salvation…”

If you have a friend or family member or co-worker that you want to experience new life in Christ, Pray for them and reach out to them…with the Easter story. Don’t let politics, religion, or past experiences dictate the conversation. Just introduce them to the Jesus who died for them…but who is also alive for them today. And check out the movie. It’s on Netflix and you can rent it at Family Video.

Take a look below to see more great things happening that we don’t want you to miss.

Eight O’ Clock Encounter:  We do our best to introduce people to Jesus…but the Holy Spirit is the one who REVEALS Jesus to each person’s heart. It’s a team sport and we have to spend time with the coach. Join with us at 8am on Saturday mornings for a powerful huddle with God. No judgment, no obligation to pray out loud, no pressure. Just an amazing time seeking God together.  

Ordinary HERO series: Join us this Sunday as we continue our series with the message: A Supernatural Superhero. Jesus was no ordinary hero and yet He gets less press than someone no one has ever seen. How did this rabbi from Galilee become the most influential person this world has ever known? Please come this Sunday and find out. 8:30, 10:00 and 11:30am. Click here to go to a Facebook invite you can use to invite a friend.

Baptism: We are gearing up for another baptism. We EXPECT that people will come to Christ over the next few weeks as we present the Gospel. We know there are others who have given their lives to Jesus who have not yet been baptized. Set April 28th on your calendar for another celebration of changed lives. If you have questions about baptism, click here .

Good Friday service: The South Haven Area Ministerial Association is inviting everyone from all churches to come together to contemplate the events of Good Friday as we remember the seven last words of Christ. Several local pastors will be leading the service which will include beautiful music and meaningful reflections. Gather with us to remember the love of God demonstrated for us in the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross. Friday, April 19th from Noon til 1:00pm at LifeBridge.

Easter At LifeBridge: NOW is the time to begin preparing for Easter Sunday at LifeBridge. Begin thinking and praying about who you should invite to come and celebrate or maybe just hear for the first time that Jesus IS the resurrection and the life. Easter is usually one of our biggest days of the year and this year it doesn’t land on a spring break weekend so it may be even bigger from an attendance standpoint. I encourage you to be here a little early and consider coming to the 8:30 service if you can to make room for our new guests at the other two services.

RightNow Media – Testimony from a Lifer: “We are loving RightNow Media!!! Searching For A King is amazing! Looking at the places David and Saul were at between Saul making the sacrifice instead of waiting on Samuel and David cutting the corner off Saul’s robe, it’s really bringing the Bible to life.” Hey, don’t wait. Sign up and start watching today. As a Lifer (at any level), you have access to this gift that we as a church have purchased for you. Over 14,000 Christian videos to help you grow and strengthen your faith. Simply click here and follow the instructions on the next page. Enjoy.

Needed – Preschool Leaders: We are so excited about the progress happening in the front building. This week drywall installers came in to start finishing the new hall and rooms.  We are getting close to opening the new spaces that will soon be used for Bridge Kids. With the opening of the new space, we need more preschool leaders.  It is our policy to have two adults in each room where minors are present.  Our new space is going to bring new opportunities with these kids and their families. Will you be one God uses to love and teach the Gospel to these kids? If this opportunity excites you, please reach out to David at and he will contact you.