Dear Lifers,

Welcome to this beautiful Thursday afternoon. Well, at least it’s beautiful for early March in Michigan. It is so exciting to think about what is coming: flowers, birds, leaves…hopefully sun (but I am still wondering about that). Typical spring in Michigan, right?

But it reminds me of the words of Jesus, “Behold, I make all things new.” Have you ever stopped to do that; Just behold? Behold means to visually take hold of something impressive or remarkable and take it in. The seasons are a sign of God’s plan and His goodness. There are cycles to life. I have learned that night is followed by day and winter is followed by spring. If you are going through a “winter” season in your life, I want you to look to Jesus. “Spring” is coming. There are many days in March that I can’t see evidences of spring – but I know it is coming. And just like I can’t make spring come any quicker, the enemy can’t keep it away any longer than God wills it. Spring is coming to your life. Hang in there waiting and expecting.

Praise God for the baptisms last Sunday! Again, signs that Jesus is making all things new. It was fun to behold the lives who are being changed by the presence and power of God. Keep Ryan, Stellar, Julia, Colleen and Anya in your prayers.

Now, here’s more of what is happening at LifeBridge:

Soul Care: One of the most common “feelings” in our fast paced world is the feeling of being stressed out. I know people who don’t have a job or kids who feel stressed out all the time. What’s up with that? This Sunday we will be wrapping up our Soul Care series with a message about Refreshing Our Soul. If you would like to watch past messages, you can find them at If you want o read some scripture in preparation for this week, feel free to look up Genesis 2:1-3, Psalm 46:10, Matthew 11:28-30 and Leviticus 23:3. And think about someone you may know who is stressed out. This may be just the refreshment they need. 

Eight O’ Clock Encounter: You ever been to a church where they seem to think they know it all and have it all figured out? Well, LifeBridge isn’t one of them. We KNOW that we need the presence of God EVERY DAY!! We know that apart from Him, we are NOTHING! So we gather on Saturday mornings to seek God’s presence and His power. Curious…join us. 8am any or every Saturday. No judgment, no obligation to pray out loud, no pressure. Just an amazing time seeking God together.  

Camp Scholarships: Thanks to those of you who have already contributed toward the $600 or so that has come in. If you have not yet, we want to give you a few more weeks to help us get ALL 45 students to camp by making a contribution to our camp scholarship fund. You may donate by dropping a contribution in the Blessing Boxes on a Sunday (make sure it is designated for camp) or by using our easy Pushpay tool  through either the website or on the app. Make sure you select “Camp Scholarship” camp in the “fund” menu.

Radio Highlight: This Saturday, tune in for an interview Rob Byrd invited me (Pastor Milan) to do with him about LifeBridge’s philosophy of outreach into the community on his Moondog Morning Show – 103.7 COSY-FM. It will be a short segment of his show, which airs from 8am-9am each Saturday. Rob’s new morning show highlights positive things happening around the South Haven area. This is probably a good thing to tune into any week. Next week you will be able to find this particular interview on his podcast.

LOST & (WAITING TO BE) FOUND @ LifeBridge: We are finding lots of miscellaneous things — shoes, coats, mittens, hats AND sunglasses, eye glasses, keys, bibles AND jewelry. Please check the totes in the coat area for found things that you are missing. If you are missing glasses, keys, bibles or jewelry, please ask at the Information table in the lobby. Items left more than 4 weeks will be taken to The Rescue Mission Thrift Store. You can pick them up there for a small fee.