Dear Lifers,

Last Sunday we kicked off our new series asking the question: How is your soul doing?

You may be wondering, “What does that even mean?” or “Does that really even matter?” Well, if so you might have missed the message last week. If we believe what God’s Word teaches us, then we have to acknowledge that the soul is the most important part of who we are. As a matter of fact it IS who we are. If the soul is out of order, guess what that means for the rest of our lives?

We will continue the conversation this Sunday. Don’t worry, this isn’t some creepy approach to spirituality. We’re just going to look at how God made us and how we can learn to be healthy…from the inside out. If you missed last Sunday, I strongly encourage you to watch the message (here) online so you can catch up. My hope is that over the next several weeks we can all gain valuable insights and learn some God-given techniques for getting our soul in shape so the rest of our lives can flow in order as well.

If you want to do some reading to get ready for this Sunday, take a look at these scriptures. (Genesis 40:1-41:16, Exodus 20:2-3 Matthew 16:24-26, Proverbs 4:23)

Now check out these other LifeBridge opportunities:

Eight O’ Clock Encounter: Martin Luther said, “To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” To be a Church (Living, breathing, gathered body of Christ) without prayer is just preposterous. Prayer is not just a good idea. It is critical to our existence and our success as God’s people. Join us Saturday mornings at 8:00 as we seek God together.

Super Sunday: No frills, just great food and the big game on the big screen. This Sunday, February 3rd (doors open at 6:00pm), we will open up the auditorium for people to gather and watch the BIG GAME (yeah that one) on the main screen. No agenda or program, just a good time together. Please bring some food to share. We will have tables set up in the lobby for those who aren’t as interested in football to chat and play table games together. There will be no childcare and children cannot be left unattended so please keep that in mind.

NEXT Classes: Wanna know what makes LifeBridge tick; why do we do things the way we do and where are we headed? NEXT is a series of four classes designed to give you the information you need to decide if LifeBridge is the right place for you to connect in to the body of Christ, then set you up with a track to get involved and make the most of your involvement. We want you to hear our story. We want to hear your story. Then we want to talk about how we will write the next chapters of OUR story together. NEXT Explore (1.0) will meet after third service on Sunday, February 17th. Lunch will be provided. Discovery (2.0) will meet on 2/24, Engage (3.0) on 3/10 and Win (4.0) on 3/17.

Giving Letters: If you blessed LifeBridge with financial contributions of $250 or more during 2018, a letter that will serve as a receipt for your donations will be available in the lobby this Sunday.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Angel in the Finance office at

XO Marriage Conference 2019: The XO Marriage conference is back so SAVE THE DATE NOW – March 1-2. The conference was a huge hit last year and we don’t want you to miss out this year. Click here for more info and to register now at the early bird price.

Sing Out: Coming this month, we will elevate our worship experience and fellowship with more voices. If you’ve been a part of choirs prior, want to sing, build your confidence vocally and most importantly grow as a worshipper and leader check out this new opportunity. Tuesday, February 5th we will have an initial meeting for all who are interested. Meet us at the church in The Landing at 7pm. All ages’ welcome.

Outside our walls:

Ice Breaker Fest:  Kathy W. and the Chamber of Commerce team work hard to bring some life to the frozen South Haven area every winter. And it works! Ice Breaker is always a great time to mix it up with our community and enjoy some time playing and eating chili together. We hope everyone will make their way downtown for the festivities and if you do, make sure you drop in to visit The Living Room for chili, hot chocolate and a photo shoot in our LBC photo booth.