Dear Lifers,

You ever look at yourself and wonder what happened to that wide-eyed kid who saw him or herself as a super-hero that could change the world? Now, you feel like you can’t even fix yourself? Or maybe life isn’t a wreck, but there sure are some areas that aren’t quite what you had hoped and dreamed them to be.

Maybe you feel cynical. I really want to live for God, but I just have so many questions and struggles and lots of doubts. Or maybe you have life all together…but you struggle to be all that you want to be because your schedule, bills, or people are calling the shots and keeping you from feeling really free. Or maybe life is perfect for you, but you have this friend…

Considering all the cares and concerns of this world, let me ask you a question. How is your soul doing? Do you feel healthy and content at your core? Chances are, in this crazy busy world, no one else has asked you lately, and quite frankly, you haven’t thought much about it yourself. Some of you are wondering, “What does that even mean?”

This world does not encourage us to take care of our souls. This world, by en large, doesn’t really even acknowledge our souls or the need to care for them. Consequently, we roll on day by day and one day, wake up and feel an ache on the inside. We may not even know that’s what it is, but we just know something isn’t right in there, or something is missing. Christ-follower or not, we can all experience this. It’s time for some soul care.

Join us Sunday mornings over the next several weeks as we take a look at our souls and see how they are doing. I am super excited to spend some time together understanding and rediscovering God’s plan for us to experience the rich and satisfying life from the core out. This Sunday we will launch the Soul Care series at our 8:30, 10:00 and 11:30am worship experiences. We hope to see you there. And that friend you were thinking about…make sure you invite them to come with you. See you then.

Now check out these other LifeBridge opportunities:

Eight O’ Clock Encounter: In the book of Acts, we read that often the disciples were gathered in prayer and sometimes the place where they gathered was shaken. It was in that context that the Holy Spirit came and a mighty revival broke out – a revival that has shaken the world for over 2,000 years. We are a part of that revival. LifeBridge STARTED with a prayer meeting where we sought God…not to do something for us, but to do something among us. We have continued to meet EVERY Saturday morning since. This is not a tradition. This is part of our DNA. Join us Saturday mornings at 8:00 as we seek Him together.

Giving Letters: If you blessed LifeBridge with financial contributions of $250 or more during 2018, a letter that will serve as a receipt for your donations will be available in the lobby this Sunday.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Angel in the Finance office at

Super Sunday: No frills, just great food and the big game on a big screen. On Sunday, February 3rd (doors open at 6:00pm), we will open up the auditorium for people to gather and watch the BIG GAME (yeah that one) on the main screen. We consider this an outreach opportunity, so bring a friend and bring some food to share. We will have tables set up in the lobby for those who aren’t as interested in football to chat and play table games together. There will be no childcare and children cannot be left unattended so please keep that in mind.

XO Marriage Conference: The XO Marriage conference is back! Save the date, March 1 and 2.  If you did not make it to this event last year, you missed out. Stay tuned for more details and a link to the registration page coming soon.

Ice Breaker: Saturday, February 2 is the South Haven Ice Breaker Festival. Every year LifeBridge provides a photo booth at the Living Room for festival goers. This is a great time to extend Jesus Christ to those we encounter. If you would like to help run the photo booth or need more details, reply to this e-mail. We need guest service specialists and photographers.

Sing Out: Coming this February, an opportunity to elevate our worship experience and fellowship with more voices. If you’ve been a part of choirs prior, want to sing, build your confidence vocally and most importantly grow as a worshiper and leader. All ages’ welcome. Write worship team on your connect card and David T will reach out to you.

The Living Room Winter Hours: We would love to have you come and visit us at our café (520 Phoenix St. South Haven) where you will find a cozy place to chat, read, work or simply relax over a great cup of coffee. Please visit us during our winter hours between 9am and 3pm Monday through Saturday.