Not having transportation in the rural areas of Southwest Michigan can be debilitating. We rely heavily on our vehicles to get to church, get to work, doctors’ visits and so much more. The purpose of the C.A.R.S. program at LifeBridge Church is to assist you with an emergency need for car repairs or a car so that you can get back to doing life.

All requests for transportation services through the GO Team C.A.R.S. program require assessment by the LifeBridge GO Team coordinators to determine if you are eligible. Please review the following before you proceed with your request for assistance.

STEP 1: Determine Lifer Eligibility

Prior to your meeting with the GO Team coordinators, you need to meet all four of the following:
# 1. Are you a LIFER?
        a) Have you been attending LifeBridge for at least 6 months?
        b) Are you either serving on one of our Bridge Crew teams, attending a LifeGroup or attended NEXT?
# 2. Is this an emergency need?
# 3. Do you own a vehicle or can you afford a vehicle?
        – If you own a vehicle:
          a) Is your vehicle registered in your name?
          b) Is your vehicle worth repairing (based on cost for repairs and age and mileage of vehicle)?
        – If you don’t own a vehicle or your vehicle cannot be repaired:
          a) Can you afford taxes and plates?
          b) Can you afford auto insurance?
          c) Can you afford routine maintenance and repairs?
# 4. Do you have a valid Michigan driver license?

STEP 2: Determine Program Eligibility

If you’ve determined that you are an eligible Lifer according to Step 1, complete the C.A.R.S.  APPLICATION CHECKLIST and submit the forms online or pickup an application package at the LifeBridge Office. The GO Team coordinators will contact you within seven business days to discuss your needs and how we can best serve you.

After your meeting and after prayerful consideration by the GO Team coordinators and leadership, you will be notified as to your eligibility for car repairs or receipt of a donated vehicle, if one is available.

STEP 3a: Determine Need for Vehicle Repair

Once eligibility is confirmed, the Go Team will contact our Repair team to set an appointment for an inspection of your vehicle. The Repair team will determine what repair work needs to be completed. If the cost for repairs exceeds the value and worth of your vehicle, the team may suggest a referral for you to receive a vehicle donation.

STEP 3b: Determine Need for Vehicle Donation

Similar to the previous step, once eligibility for you to receive a donated vehicle is confirmed, we will contact our contracted auto dealership to find a vehicle for you. Someone from the GO Team will contact you when a vehicle is available. The dealership will meet with you to finalize the ownership transfer of the vehicle to you.