Hey BridgeKids Families!

The Gospels record dozens of Jesus’ parables. A parable is a story Jesus told to help people understand the kingdom of God. Each parable taught a lesson and revealed secrets of God’s kingdom for those who would understand. (See Matt. 13:10-13.)

Family Devotional

Open your Bibles to Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23. If you have younger kids you can use a story Bible to read it with them. The parable of the sower would have resonated with those listening because they would have been familiar with the practice of sowing or planting seeds. But the parable had a deeper meaning. It contained a lesson about God’s Word and the responses of those who hear it.

In the parable, a sower’s seeds fell in four different places. Some of the seeds fell along the path, where they were eaten by birds. Other seeds fell on rocky ground. Those seeds had no roots, so they withered in the sun. Other seeds fell among thorns, and they were choked out. Other seeds fell on good soil, and they produced a crop—a hundred, sixty, or thirty times what was planted.

After Jesus told the parable, He explained it to His disciples. The soil represents people’s hearts, and the seed is the word about God’s kingdom. The person whose heart is like the hard soil hears the good news about God, but he does not understand it or he rejects it. The person whose heart is like the rocky soil is quick to receive the truth, but when life gets hard, he falls away. The person whose heart is like the thorny soil cares more about the things of the world than the good news about God, and the seed cannot grow. The person whose heart is like the good soil hears the good news about God and receives it. He bears fruit, more than what was planted. In the life of a believer, the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23) is evident.

Jesus is the Sower who shared the truth about God’s kingdom. His followers continue to share the truth today, and those who understand and accept the gospel become more like Jesus.

Still today, people respond to the gospel in various ways. Pray that God will give your kids receptive hearts so that they will hear, understand, and be changed by the good news about Jesus.

Ask the questions:    

  • These seeds sprouted quickly, but they did not have any roots. (seeds on rocky ground)
  • Other plants kept these seeds from growing. (seeds among thorns)
  • These seeds grew and produced a crop. (seeds on good ground)
  • This is like people who don’t understand the truth about God’s kingdom. (seeds on the path)
  • This is like people who give up when hard times come. (seeds on rocky ground)
  • This is like people who worry too much. (seeds among thorns)
  • This is like people who accept the truth, and it grows in their lives. (seeds on good ground)

BridgeKids Announcements

  • Penny Wars!: Every week in BridgeKids we take an offering to teach the kids how to give back to God.  Right now we are raising money for Lakeshore Lifeworks Ministry. They provide transitional housing and loving relationships for vulnerable youth ages 18-21. They believe that having a personal relationship with Jesus is the solid foundation on which to build up our youth along with many important life skills. They utilize and combine the resources of the CHURCH, STATE and COMMUNITY to reach vulnerable youth and show them the love of Christ so they can reach their full potential. This helps the youth through the hard transition into adulthood. They currently work with mostly boys, but are starting a girls house as well.
  • Operation Christmas Child: BridgeKids has a goal of sending at least 100 shoeboxes this Christmas.  Every week we are collecting a new themed item for our boxes.  Drop items in the BK check in area. Learn more at samaritanspurse.org/occ. This week we are collecting new, small stuffed animals! Make sure the stuffed animals are small enough to fit into the shoe box, and that they are new!