Hey BridgeKids Families!

Jesus had been teaching His disciples when Peter asked Jesus, “How many times should I forgive my brother when he sins against me?” Peter suggested seven times. Jews considered it standard to show forgiveness three times (see Job 33:29-30), so Peter probably thought he was going above and beyond. Jesus answered Peter’s question by telling a story about an unmerciful servant.

Family Devotional

Open your Bibles to Matthew 18:21-35. If you have younger kids you can use a story Bible to read it with them. Here you will read about the parable of the unmerciful servant. In the parable, a servant owed his master ten thousand talents. A talent was equal to about 20 years of wages. Ten thousand talents represented a debt that could never be repaid. Faced with debtors’ prison, the servant begged for more time to repay the master. Instead, the master released his servant and forgave the great debt.

The same servant went out and confronted a man who owed him a hundred denarii—about 100 days of wages. The man begged for more time, but the servant refused and put the man in prison. When the master heard what happened, he was angry that the servant who had been forgiven a great debt did not show mercy to the man who owed a small debt. So the master put the man in prison until he could pay his debt. Jesus concluded the parable by explaining that God would react in the same way to anyone who does not forgive his brother. 

We are like the servant, and God is like the master. 

Nothing we do is enough to pay the debt we owe God and take away God’s punishment for our sin. Jesus came and died on the cross to pay for our sin and take the punishment we deserve. When we trust in Jesus, God forgives our sin completely. We can forgive others because God has greatly forgiven us.

As you talk with your kids, emphasize that God shows mercy to us so that we will show mercy to others—not just three times or seven times, but many, many times—not keeping count. We have been forgiven a great debt, so we can forgive others when they sin against us.

Ask the questions:    

  • How many times did Peter think he should forgive someone? (seven times, Matt. 18:21)
  • How many times did Jesus say to forgive someone? (seventy times seven times, Matt. 18:22)
  • In the parable, how many silver coins did the servant owe the king? (fifty million, or 10,000 talents; Matt. 18:24)
  • What did the servant ask the king to do? (give him more time, Matt. 18:26)
  • What did the king do for the servant? (The king forgave him, Matt. 18:27)
  • How many silver coins did the man owe the servant? (one hundred, or 100 denarii; Matt. 18:28)
  • What did the man ask the servant to do? (give him more time, Matt. 18:29)
  • What did the servant do to the man who owed him money? (put him into jail, Matt. 18:30)
  • Why was the king angry? (The king forgave the servant what he could never repay, and the servant did not forgive the small amount; Matt. 18:32-33)
  • Who paid the debt for our sin? (Jesus, Rom. 4:25)
  • Why can we forgive others? (God has greatly forgiven us, Eph. 4:32)
  • In what Gospel can we find this parable? (the Gospel of Matthew, Matt. 18:21-35)

BridgeKids Announcements

  • Fall Trunk or Treat – BridgeKids is hosting a Trunk or Treat on Saturday, October 27 from 6-7:30.  Wear your favorite costume and come out for some fun!  We also are looking for people that want to participate by decorating their trunk and being a part of the fun!  If you would like to do a trunk, reply to this e-mail and we will send you more details. One last thing, we also need candy to give the kids in our community.  We will have a bin at the church that you can donate bags of fun sized candy to give away that night.
  • Penny Wars!: Every week in BridgeKids we take an offering to teach the kids how to give back to God.  Right now we are raising money for Lakeshore Lifeworks Ministry. They provide transitional housing and loving relationships for vulnerable youth ages 18-21. They believe that having a personal relationship with Jesus is the solid foundation on which to build up our youth along with many important life skills. They utilize and combine the resources of the CHURCH, STATE and COMMUNITY to reach vulnerable youth and show them the love of Christ so they can reach their full potential. This helps the youth through the hard transition into adulthood. They currently work with mostly boys, but are starting a girls house as well.
  • Operation Christmas Child: BridgeKids has a goal of sending at least 100 shoeboxes this Christmas.  Every week we are collecting a new themed item for our boxes.  Drop items in the BK check in area. Learn more at samaritanspurse.org/occ. This week we are collecting hygiene items.  Please note, Operation Christmas Child can not send any liquids in the package.  We can only accept solids and accessories.