Hey BridgeKids Families!

This week we began a two-part session on Esther and how God used her to save His people. The Babylonian captivity had ended while Cyrus was king of Persia. Some of God’s people—now referred to as Jews (people from Judah)—traveled back to Judah to rebuild the temple, the city, and their lives. Others, however, stayed in Persia where life among the pagans was relatively comfortable.

Family Devotional

The king of Persia was now Ahasuerus, also known by his Greek name, Xerxes. Esther was a young Jewish girl whom Ahasuerus had chosen to be his queen. The former queen had defied the king and was promptly replaced. Esther did not reveal to the king that she was a Jew.

Open your Bibles to Esther 1-4. If you have younger kids you can use a story Bible to read it with them. Here you will read about how Esther had been an orphan, so her cousin Mordecai adopted her. Mordecai kept in touch with Esther while she lived in the palace. One day, the king gave Haman the Agagite a very important position in the kingdom. The king even commanded the people to bow down to Haman. But Mordecai refused.

Haman was a descendant of Agag, king of the Amalekites. The nations of Israel and Amalek did not get along. Haman was angry about Mordecai’s defiance, but instead of just punishing Mordecai, he planned to kill all the Jews in the kingdom.

Mordecai turned to Esther for help. After all, she was in a position of power, and the Jews were her people. The stakes were high. Esther could be killed for approaching the king without permission. But Esther was willing to take the chance and explain her people’s plight.

God’s plan all along was to send the Messiah through Abraham’s family. Haman’s evil plan might have stopped God’s plan, but God was in control. He was working out a plan to use Esther to rescue His people and make the way for His Son, Jesus, to come into the world.

Help your kids understand that the survival of God’s people was essential to God’s plan and that Satan tried to stop God’s plan any way he could. But God used Esther to rescue His people and make the way for His Son, Jesus, to come into the world.

Ask the questions:    

  • Is the Book of Esther in the Old Testament or New Testament? (Old Testament)
  • What book comes before Esther? (Nehemiah)
  • What book comes after Esther? (Job)
  • How many chapters are in the Book of Esther? (10)
  • What was the name of Esther’s cousin? (Mordecai, Esth. 2:5)
  • What did Esther ask Mordecai and the Jews to do? (pray and fast with her, Esth. 4:16)
  • Does God keep His promises? Yes, God is always faithful even when we are not.
  • Why did the king of Persia need a new queen? (When the king’s wife did not listen to him, he decided to not let her be queen anymore; Esth. 1:15)
  • What was Haman’s evil plan? (to kill all the Jews, Esth. 3:5-6)
  • What did the Jews do when they heard about Haman’s evil plan? (They cried, Esth. 4:1)
  • What could happen to someone who approached the king without first being summoned? (That person could be killed, Esth. 4:11)

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