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Thursday – October 11

by Pastor Milan

Dear Lifers, You ever feel like you’re in a battle and you’re not even sure what side you should be on? I mean, “I think I’m on the good side, but am I?” You live by what seems right according to God’s word, but then when you talk to others “out there” and see the […]

Pastor’s Post Election Response

by Pastor Milan

Before the elections, the common mantra was “Vote, vote, vote!” Now that the count has been taken and a winner has been declared, we have a tendency to say, “Whew, glad that’s over!” and move on. Many on Facebook have stated that they are ready to get back to life as normal. But life as […]

Pastor’s Perspective on the Upcoming Election

by Pastor Milan

People are more nervous about this election than a bunch of long-tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs. It’s like this nation is going crazy. I decided to reach out and share some thoughts with you. I hope this encourages someone. “So Pastor, when are you going to tell us all who we’re […]

Life At The Bridge (11-03-16)

by Pastor Milan

How about last Sunday, huh? How great was that? I think I had more positive comments about Brent’s message than we’ve had about any speaker before. He really just laid it on the line! If you missed it, don’t. Please click here to watch the message at your convenience. And how about second service? We […]