Milan & Jen

In 2007, my wife Jen and I moved from South Haven to Adrian Michigan to join a church called Crossroads Community Church. Although we moved with our kids and our stuff, our hearts never totally made the trip. We have made some amazing friendships, had the opportunity to serve with a great team and enjoyed four years of fruitful ministry, but God never let our burden for the people and the community of South Haven go.

Our time at Crossroads greatly expanded our vision for God’s calling on our life and was a refreshing education in new ways to “do church”. With a fresh passion and greater insight, God turned our hearts back toward home in July of 2011. He made it clear that now is the time to return and plant a new, life-giving church in South Haven Michigan. We know that there are literally thousands of people within driving distance of South Haven who have never had a life-changing encounter with Jesus – and worse yet, are facing life and an eternity separated from the God who loves them. This is unacceptable to us. We are compelled to be ambassadors for our King and hope to lead others who are compelled as well.

We are driven by the conviction that true, abundant life is found only through faith in Jesus Christ. The local Church is God’s plan to reach and redeem people that are far from Him. Our desire is to reach out to the un-churched and the de-churched by building bridges over obstacles that stand between them and the God who loves them. We want to create opportunities for people to meet Jesus and experience a life-giving relationship with Him.

We aren’t about becoming some huge church organization. We simply want to motivate and mobilize people who know Jesus to be like Him and reach out to those who have not yet met Him. We will build bridges of love, relationship and understanding as we seek to fulfill Jesus’ call to “go and make disciples…”.

If you’ve never met Jesus, or you know Him well; if you love church or hate church; if you are simply curious and you want to know more without any heavy sales pitch, contact us – we’d love to sit down and chat. No pressure, just honest dialogue.

Milan Bittenbender

Pastor, LifeBridge Church

South Haven, Michigan