“It’s time for a new approach! If you want to reach people no one else is reaching you have to do things no one else is doing.” This is what God laid on Pastor Milan and Jennifer Bittenbender’s hearts in 2012 when He gave them the vision to plant a brand-new, life-giving church. Our desire is to lead a group of people who will passionately build bridges for people who are far from God and the Church… to the God who loves them.

From the time you walk on to the property, you will know this is a safe place. No matter who you are or where you come from, no matter what your life looks like – relax. You are among friends. You will be invited to engage at any level, but our hassle free guarantee ensures you will never be singled out or embarrassed. Come as you are…our pastor even gives his messages in jeans.

We will work hard to create, exciting and relevant environments where you can explore your faith without feeling like you have to fit some kind of mold. We encourage people to explore the Christian faith without pressure to be something they’re not. We don’t try to change people. We simply want to introduce people to the one who can give them abundant life. We find that when people truly meet Jesus – life change happens naturally and becomes the thing they are most excited about.

Fun, age appropriate environments, designed with kids in mind will allow them a place to learn and grow, and give parents a peace of mind while they worship in a setting just for them. Our goal is for kids to beg their parents to come back to LifeBridge. (Anyone who works with minors must pass a background check and go through a screening process. Safety is a high priority.)

Church doesn’t just happen on Sundays either. There will be many opportunities to connect with others like yourself throughout the week in LifeGroups. What does this look like? Regular people, sitting down over coffee or a meal, exploring the Bible, discussing real faith as it plays out in real life, praying together and simply doing life together with Jesus as the focal point. No one is required to be in a small group, but everyone is invited.

Make a difference
LifeBridge is driven by the love of Jesus Christ who literally gave all He had to become a servant of all. This means we also encourage and provide people with real opportunities to serve and make a difference in the community and world around them. We are driven to identify and meet needs of people in our community by being aware and then acting with compassion.


Wanna be a part of building something great? Our team approach gives people with all kinds of different abilities, experience, passions and dreams an opportunity to serve with others in strategic ways to make a significant impact on the world around them.