(If you have not received a copy of Transparency, but would like to, please send us a request by e-mail.)

We are so incredibly thankful that you have taken the time to read our book: “Transparency – Not for the weak.”  We are also honored that you would take a few moments today to visit us here on the web!  We want to introduce you to the same hope that you just read about in each of the seven real life stories! Jesus is the hope of the world, and He can give you a new vision and set your life on a brand new path. He alone can help you break free from your past, give you overwhelming peace, and lead you to a life of purpose!

We want to take just a few moments to give you some pointers in case you have said “Yes!” to Jesus.  First and foremost, you have a choice to make.  Will you choose to take the same path you’ve been on or will you choose to follow Jesus Christ and allow Him to lead you to a new way of doing life?  It’s my prayer that because you are here – reading this, that there is a desire growing in your heart for change.  Not just any change, but one that will move your life in a whole new direction.  The direction and path you were made for!

In the back of the book, there are directions for responding to Jesus’ invitation. If you read the book and have received the free gift of salvation, freedom, and new life in Jesus Christ will you let us know?  We want to pray for you and give you the opportunity to meet someone who can help you on this new journey!  Or maybe you haven’t made that choice yet.  Would you let us pray for you?  Let us know how we can pray for you by clicking here.

There are some steps we encourage you to take to get moving on this journey. These are very basic to the life of a follower of Jesus. I doubt you can be successful on this new journey without all four.

1. Find the Right Church!

We put this as the first step, because the right church will teach you, encourage you, and help lead you through the other 3 steps!  Please don’t look for an organization to join – look for a family with whom to do life. We want to stop right here for a moment and tell you are welcome right here at LifeBridge Church!  We don’t care where you’ve been or what you’ve done. We’ve all screwed up, we’ve all been broken, and we all need others to forgive us and love us as we are. We weren’t designed to do life alone. This journey surely isn’t something we can do all by ourselves. We all need a family to take us in, help us get the nourishment we need and listen when we have questions or concerns. Most of all, we just need people we can enjoy hanging out with, who are going to help us move in the right direction. We are waiting to meet you, encourage you, and help you find your way as you follow Jesus! It is SO important to us that you find the right fit, that if you try LifeBridge and it is not the right church for you, we will help you find a good church that is a better fit. Either way, we are here to help.

2. Talk to God

This is called prayer.  Just like relationships you already have, communication is essential.  If we’re friends, and we never talk, what does that say about he importance of our relationship?  Besides, God loves you!  He has the secrets of life and He wants to share them with you. He also wants you to share with Him your heart, your needs, and what you’re going through.  The Bible is very clear that He already knows these things, but He wants to hear them from your lips to His ears.  Sometimes we are tempted to think that others have a direct line so we will depend on them to pray for us. No one has a more direct line than you do. Just exercise faith and talk to Him, He’s listening.  Listen for His voice. He’s already speaking to you right now.  Ask God to help you hear His voice.  Learn more about prayer right here.

3. Read The Bible

The Bible is God’s word.  It reveals God’s plan of hope and redemption for the world, it gives us instructions and reveals the way to live as we follow Jesus!  When we read it we receive encouragement, truth, wisdom and direction.  When we receive it, it brings light to dark places in our life and gives life to dying places in our hearts and minds.  I know the Bible has gotten a bad rap. Maybe you’ve struggled to understand it.  Click here to contact a staff person with questions about the Bible!  Look up Youversion in the app store to download the Bible app onto your mobile device.  We also have Bibles designed just for those who are new to faith in Jesus. We would be happy to provide one for you or help you find a Bible that will work for you.

4. Share Your Story

Though forgiveness, grace, and transformation are the free gift of God, through Jesus Christ, for each one of us, it does not stop with us!  Our lives become our own “story” of what God has done!  What Jesus is doing in your life, He also wants to do for others through your life!  He wants you to share His good news with everyone you know and everyone you meet.  You don’t have to have it all figured out to point people to the One who does.  And trust us, when you begin to give out what you have received you will grow in your faith, you will learn more than you ever thought you could, and your life will be full of purpose because you were made to show the goodness and glory of God through your life!  Don’t sweat it, we will help you learn how to share your story with others.

Just in case you’re curious, here is a little bit about US!

We are a church that exists to extend the hope of a rich and satisfying life in Jesus Christ to every person we can! Freely we have received so freely and generously we give.  We believe in living out our lives with great faith, we practice generosity, and we believe that the Church is the Body of Christ and therefore we are all to be participants and contributors in the church instead of spectators and consumers. Jesus has inspired us and given us a great mission to accomplish. We ARE out to change the world. Most important, we care about you because our Heavenly Father is crazy about you. We are a family so we celebrate, love, encourage and help one another. He has gone to great lengths to provide a Way for you to come to Him and He wants us to present His invitation. We believe our job is to build relational bridges to Jesus for anyone who is willing to listen.

So here is a little bit of what you can expect when you visit . . .

The first thing you will notice is that the people genuinely care about you. We have been praying for you and have prepared for your visit. There are no strangers here…just friends we haven’t met yet. You will not be judged or singled out. There are no expectations piled on you. You are our guest and we are just glad you will give the church a try.

The first part of our service is praise and worship. Every week, we come together and give thanks to God for all He has done for us. Our music is powerful, upbeat and modern, yet deep and meaningful. There are different expressions of worship; some people choose to lift their hands in surrender, while others may stand quietly and reflect on God’s goodness. Some just watch, checking things out. We have purposefully made it clear that everyone can participate in the way that works for them without feeling judged. We know that every week we have people in our seats who are skeptical, resistant, afraid, hurt and confused, as well as people who’s lives are being rocked and are excited to worship God. We welcome people to come and simply find a safe place to meet with Jesus.

At LifeBridge, we believe in the power of giving back to God what He has already given us. We give out of obedience to what God commanded in the Bible, as well as in anticipation of the blessing that He promised (see Malachi 3:10). Sunday morning we will have an opportunity to give back to God a portion of what He has already blessed us with through an offering. There is no expectation, and we invite people to give when they can give out of a grateful heart – never out of obligation.

At every service we present a life-giving message from the Word of God in terms that anyone can understand. The teachings at LifeBridge are practical, relevant, and will give you hope and direction and challenge you to live a life of purpose and faith. The Word of God has the power to change lives! Click here to view a previous message.

At LifeBridge, we love creating safe, fun and friendly environments. Here are a couple more opportunities our younger crowd can take advantage of:

  • Nursery – Do you have nursery age children (birth – 2 years)? There’s a nursery available during our service for them, run by a trained staff. You can have the peace of mind knowing your children will be well taken care of while you’re enjoying service.
  • Bridge Kids – Your children 3 yrs (potty trained) – 5th grade will experience their own worship and learning time in a fun and exciting environment designed just for them.

When planning your visit, please plan to be 15 minutes early if you have children. There is a check-in/registration process for children as part of our very secure children’s programs. Click here for more information about our children’s programs.

When we meet…

Worship Experiences
Sunday Mornings: 9:01 and 11:01am

On Sundays we meet at
Beach Haven Event Center at 10420 M-140 Highway (next to the bowling alley)

Click here if you’d like to know where our book has been sent and how many have been sent since we started sharing our stories with the community.

Need more information? Please don’t hesitate to give us a call!
Tel: 269-872-3464


If we haven’t yet, we would love to meet you soon.

Milan Bittenbender
Lead Pastor
LifeBridge Church
South Haven, MI