We believe it is one of our duties as the church to equip new disciples in becoming fully devoted followers of Christ and being comfortable and confident with doing what God has called them to do. The NEXT classes consist of four different classes that we believe help people become equipped to go out and do God’s work more effectively.

Explore 1.0 
We believe it is important for the church (people) to be tied into a partners moving in the same direction with the same vision and mission in mind. In this class Pastor Milan talks about the vision, mission and direction that the church is headed in. He informs the class about what exactly makes us tick, what our short-term and long-term plans are for the church, missions, and church-planting. After learning the vision and mission the class has a chance to either join as partners with the church and come along for the ride that God has set us on.

Discover 2.0
God has given us each spiritual gifts, talents, and personality traits. In this class we take a few popular tests to uncover what these gifts, talents and traits are for you! We take a spiritual gift test and a DISC test to uncover these for people. We believe that when a person truly knows how God has created them and others that they can become more effective in understanding and reaching other people for the Kingdom.

Engage 3.0
Each local church has it’s people that help it move forward in the direction, vision, and mission of that specific church. In ours, we call them the Bridge Crew, this is a group of people who are passionate about seeing LifeBridge reach their full potential by provided their gifts, talents and traits in the ministry that God has called them to. We have many different serving crews that these outstanding people serve in and each one as important as the other to provide an excellent experience for those who come in search for God on a Sunday morning.

Win 4.0 
The word exponential is defined as: very fast;  increasingly rapid. As we look in Acts we see the church growing in an exponential rate. We believe God’s plan for the church is still to see it grow beyond control and at such a rapid rate that people take notice. In this class we help people become more confident in sharing their faith with friends, family, coworkers and even complete strangers. We also help break some of the barriers of why sharing your faith can be intimidating.