Hey BridgeKids Families!

This week we began studying the Old Testament judges. After Joshua died, the people were left without a leader and began to sin against God. God disciplined them and when the people cried out for deliverance, God sent a leader called a judge to rescue them. Later, when that judge died, the people sinned again and the pattern was repeated.

Family Devotional

Open your Bibles to Judges 3:7-31. If you have younger kids you can use a story Bible to read it with them. Here you will read about how the judges saved the people from the consequences of their sin, but not the cause of it. God’s plan was to one day send a true Deliverer—Jesus, His own Son—to be the King of His people. Jesus saves people from sin forever.

Help your kids see that all of the judges were imperfect humans and they could not rescue God’s people from the cause of their sin, just the consequences. 

Ask the questions:    

  • Who was the first judge? (Othniel, Judges 3:9)
  • Who was the second judge? (Ehud, Judges 3:15)
  • Who was the third judge? (Shamgar, Judges 3:31)
  • Who defeated the king of Aram? (Othniel, Judges 3:10)
  • Who gave Israel 40 years of peace? (Othniel, Judges 3:11)
  • Who hid a sword? (Ehud, Judges 3:16)

    BridgeKids Announcements

    -Osmar is Here! – This Sunday Osmar from Peru will be sharing with us.  Osmar is the director of the SunShine Kids Club that we have been raising money for, and will continue to until November.  You will not want to miss hearing Osmar and his high energy presentation for the kids.

  • -Lake Ann Camp: Summer seems so far away, but registrations for Lake Ann Camp are filling up quickly! If you have a child going into 4th grade through a graduating senior, Lake Ann Camp would be wonderful way to spend a week this summer! LifeBridge will be assisting with transportation to camp for Week 6 (July 24-28). They are seeing more early registrations than ever before, so don’t delay on signing up! If the financial responsibility is more than your family can currently afford, please get in touch with April about Scholarship Applications. This camp is a big investment in the lives of your children, and we have people in the church that want to help you make that investment. Registration can be completed online at http://lakeanncamp.com. Registration is $125, and guarantees your camper a spot. If you have any questions, please contact April Pachuta at 270-952-0057 or email at orangeaugust@yahoo.com