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Wednesday – May 30

by BridgeKids

Hey BridgeKids Families! This week we began studying the Old Testament judges. After Joshua died, the people were left without a leader and began to sin against God. God disciplined them and when the people cried out for deliverance, God sent a leader called a judge to rescue them. Later, when that judge died, the […]

Wednesday – May 24

by BridgeKids

Hey BridgeKids Families! This week we listened in as Joshua shared his final words of encouragement to Israel. Joshua is near the end of his life, and like Moses, he addresses the people to point them to God. They had a choice to make: choose to follow God or choose to follow the false gods. They couldn’t […]

Wednesday – May 17

by BridgeKids

Hey BridgeKids Families! As we continue exploring the Old Testament this week, we will encounter Achan disobeying God and taking something from Jericho after its defeat. Because of this, when Israel attacked Ai next, they suffered defeat. God helped Joshua uncover Achan’s sin, and God punished Achan for his sin. Family Devotional Open your Bibles […]

Wednesday – May 10

by BridgeKids

Hey BridgeKids Families! Our journey through the Old Testament continues this week with Israel crossing the Jordan River and entering into the promised land at last. Their first battle is against the city of Jericho. God fought for His people and gave the city to them. It was clear from the beginning that it was […]

Wednesday – May 3

by BridgeKids

Hey BridgeKids Families! This week we experienced the people of Israel grumbling to God in the wilderness. God punished them for their sin by sending poisonous snakes to bite the people. However, God also provided a way to be healed. He told Moses to place a bronze snake on a pole and whenever someone looked at […]