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Wednesday – April 30

by BridgeKids

Hey BridgeKids Families! As we continue our journey through Old Testament this week, the people of Israel have arrived at the promised land and they send spies into the land to scout it out. The spies return, reporting that the land is indeed good, but the people are too strong so they should not try […]

Wednesday – April 12

by BridgeKids

Hey BridgeKids Families! This week we pick up just a few days after the triumphal entry when the same crowd that chanted “hosanna” to Jesus now chanted “crucify Him.” Jesus was betrayed by Judas, arrested, condemned, and crucified. After He died, Jesus was placed in a tomb, but on the third day, He rose again […]

Wednesday – April 5

by BridgeKids

Hey BridgeKids Families! This week we will step out of our study through the Old Testament and briefly turn our attention to the last week of Jesus’ earthly ministry. We start with a look at the triumphal entry, when Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey. The crowds that day welcomed Him as King, but they […]